December 2018

The Power of Steroids

Steroids can be lifesaving drugs, but they can also have deleterious side effects. So, what do you do when the veterinarian suggests using a steroid? Well, first, you need to understand that these compounds occur naturally in your cat and are essential for health.

Rehoming and Asthma

A study from the Nationwide Childrenís Hospital analyzed environmental exposures, like pets and secondhand smoke, to determine if they have a role in asthma control among children whose asthma is managed per National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) guidelines. Researchers found that, once asthma guidelines are followed, environmental exposures were not significant factors in overall asthma improvement over time.

No More Compounded Mirtazapine Ointment

Compounded drugs are medications where bulk ingredients are mixed together by a pharmacist, as opposed to a commercial drug that is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and manufactured under the FDAís monitoring. When an FDA-approved drug becomes available, the FDA forbids the same medication to be compounded. This is the case with Mirataz (mirtazapine transdermal ointment), which is applied to the inner surface of a catís ear to manage undesired weight loss.

Tick Identification Service Available

In an effort to identify the tick species in pets across the United States, the National Center for Veterinary Parasitology (NCVP) at Oklahoma State University is offering a free tick identification service.

Cries in the Night

Subscribers Only - You love your cat, but you also love a good nightís sleep, and her midnight acapella is not exactly the perfect lullaby. She may be meowing for attention, but it could also be because she needs or wants something, or an indication of a developing health problem.

Oh No! Did You Really Eat That?

Subscribers Only - We canít watch our cats all the time nor can we predict with any degree of certainty what trouble they may seek out. Sometimes, you may not even realize that your cat ate something bad for him. You just have to be on the alert for signs of poisoning:

On the Alert for Liver Problems

Subscribers Only - The liver is one of the busiest organs in your catís body and is a real multitasker. While it does have amazing regenerative powers, once 75 percent of the healthy tissue is gone, clinical signs of illness usually will start to appear. By then it can be too late for treatment to help beyond palliative measures, so be alert for early signs.

The Cornerstone of Bloodwork

Subscribers Only - It requires just a little blood, but the CBC, or complete blood count, can reveal important information about your catís health. Itís usually part of a senior wellness panel, diagnostic bloodwork for an ill cat, and as part of a pre-operative workup. It may also be used to evaluate your catís response to a medication or its possible side effects.

Cat-Friendly Veterinary Hospitals

Subscribers Only - My 10-year-old female domestic short-haired cat has always been very nervous when I bring her to the veterinarian, to the point that her stress makes me hesitant to bring her for her regular check-ups. A friend of mine recently told me about veterinary practices that specialize in being cat-friendly, and I am hopeful that going to such a practice may make things easier on my girl. Can you tell me a bit about these practices, and where I can find one?

New California Divorce Law

Effective January 1, in a divorce, the judge has specific criteria to use when deciding who gets the cat (or dog).

What the Cat Dragged In

A cat in Great Britain brought home a bag of illegal drugs, which the owner turned in to the police.

100 Cats

News 5 in Cleveland, Ohio, reports that police received multiple calls about multiple cats in a manís home.