December 2017

Fat Cats: Obesity Isn’t Fun or Healthy

Cats, just like humans, get overweight via two paths. They either eat more calories than they should or they donít exercise very much. Many cats have both factors as contributors to their weight problem. Also, just as in humans, feline obesity is associated with health problems, including diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. Some diabetic cats can actually go into remission and lose their need for insulin administration with diet control and careful weight loss. Arthritis pain may decrease with appropriate weight loss, as there is less of a burden on the catís joints. Cardiovascular status may also improve as a catís heart does not have to pump so hard to provide oxygen and nutrients to an increased body mass.

Teach Your Cat to Like Her Carrier

Subscribers Only - Cat carriers are the safest way to transport your cat, be it to a veterinary appointment or to visit family for the holidays. They keep your cat secure, so that she canít get into trouble in an unfamiliar environment or be harmed in any way. In the case of a car crash, being in a carrier could save your catís life. But there is one challenge to this wonderful tool: getting your cat inside it.

Traveling With Your Cat

Subscribers Only - Some of us leave our pets at home when we travel, but if your cat is coming along on a trip, you need to prepare for her as well. You must have:

Raw Diets Raise Salmonella Risk

Subscribers Only - Salmonellosis is a bacterial infection seen in humans and many animals. While dogs and cats are fairly resistant to the toxins, even they can become ill.

Halitosis in Cats

Your beloved cat climbs into your lap, rubs on your chin and then yawns by your face. Suddenly, you are overwhelmed by foul air. It is unreasonable to expect your feline friend to have minty fresh breath, but healthy cat breath really isnít offensive. Causes for fetid feline breath can range from minor to serious.

Short Takes: December 2017

Subscribers Only - The September 2017 issue of the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine included the article ďThe Relationship between Brachycephalic Head Features in Modern Persian Cats and Dysmorphologies of the Skull and Internal Hydrocephalus,Ē by Schmidt et al. This study evaluated the two types of Persian cats, the traditional doll-face and the newer Peke-face, for a correlation between brachycephalic (short-faced) traits and internal hydrocephaly, or abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord) in the brain. Each cat in the study received a CT scan and an MRI.

Working With an Aggressive Cat

My 7-year-old male domestic shorthaired cat has recently begun to bite me, not on a regular basis, but at times when I least exect it. The last bite became infected and required antibiotics, and I am concerned about this odd new behavior. Why does a cat start biting like this?

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