January 2018

Phosphate Binders and Kidney Disease

Subscribers Only - Since about 30 percent of elderly cats will develop some degree of kidney disease, it’s important to look at therapies that help cats stay healthy for longer periods of time, and a recent study focused on phosphate binders may be helpful in this regard.

Study Names the Feline Five

A recent study conducted in South Australia and New Zealand looked at cat personalities as rated by their owners. Much of what we know about cat behavior has been based on studies that were in shelters and with feral-cat colonies, but this study looked at pet cats living in homes as members of the family.

Denver Considers Declawing Law

Animal shelters in Denver, Colo., may soon be able to prohibit anyone who plans to declaw a cat from adopting one. Declawing would be allowed only when medically necessary, according to the Denver Post.

Short Takes: January 2018

When New Year’s Eve arrives, many of us make promises to ourselves—those infamous “resolutions”—to improve ourselves somehow. That’s because the new year is a traditional starting point, and we’re happy and motivated. Popular resolutions include losing weight, quitting smoking, and getting the most out of life. Inevitably, however, most of us fail. The reason? Unrealistic goals. Well, we’re here to help fix that! Spending more time with your cat and improving her life is realistic and satisfying, so we’ve put together five New Year’s Resolutions. Are you with us?

How Old Is a Cat in Human Years?

Subscribers Only - By and large, says the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), cats are geriatric at age 7. Although there’s no simple way to compare a pet’s aging to human aging, the AVMA did come up with a guide.

Heart Disease in Your Cat

Subscribers Only - The first indication of a heart problem in a kitten or cat might be a murmur picked up by your veterinarian on a routine physical examination. “Luckily, not all heart murmurs mean heart disease in cats,” says Dr. Bruce Kornreich DVM PhD, board-certified veterinary cardiologist and Associate Director of the Cornell Feline Health Center. Many ostensibly healthy cats have murmurs, but depending upon the situation, follow-up diagnostics may be warranted when a murmur is detected in a cat.

Alzheimer’s Disease in Cats

A study from the University of Journal of Feline Medicine, showed that a key protein can build in nerve cells of a cat’s brain and cause mental deterioration. It’s actually a form of Alzheimer’s disease, say the researchers, and it’s the same protein that causes tangles in nerve cells in human Alzheimer’s patients.

Watery Eyes Can Signal Trouble

Subscribers Only - Tears on your cat’s face can be concerning. Cats do not have “emotional” tears like people do, and some causes reflect serious situations; others are minor.

Time Takes its Toll on Tangles

Subscribers Only - While longhaired cats require the most upkeep, mats and tangles can be an issue for all cats. Older cats that are developing osteoarthritis start to have trouble bending to groom their entire bodies, with the hind end being a popular spot for mats and dandruff.

Urine Sample? No Problem

Subscribers Only - Your veterinarian might want to examine your cat’s urine for a variety of reasons, such as to evaluate kidney function or monitor diabetes. But how to get that urine? It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Happening Now: Pilot’s Found

A cat rescued from the Northern California fires will be reunited with his family 10 years after he went missing, says the Sacramento Bee.

Happening Now: Ponce’s Law

The Daytona-Beach News Journal reports that there is a bill pending in Florida that would allow judges to forbid people convicted of animal cruelty to own pets.

Get Ahead of Chronic Constipation

My 12-year-old female spayed cat has chronic constipation that we have been having difficulty treating. I want her to be happy, comfortable, and healthy, and I’m concerned that if we are not able to provide her with relief, her condition will progress and her quality of life will diminish. Can you provide any insight into how we may best achieve relief for her?

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