August 2018

An Itch You Just Have to Scratch

Skin problems are frustrating for cat owners. Itchiness and discomfort, with symptoms ranging from constant scratching to irritated skin to hair loss, can be caused by a wide variety of conditions. This makes diagnosis challenging and sometimes expensive. We consulted William Miller, VMD, DACVD, Dermatology Section Chief at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for insight on the things that can make your catís skin crawl.

New Blood-Pressure Med

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.ís Semintra, the first FDA-approved drug to control systemic hypertension (high blood pressure) in cats. The drug has been available in Europe since 2013.

Possible New Epilepsy Control Option

Luckily, cats do not experience the high frequency of seizures that can plague many dogs, but seizuring cats face the extra challenge of trying to find a safe, effective medication. A recent study looked at an extended-release version of the medication levetiracetam.

Play Biting Is Not Fun

Itís cute, at first, when that tiny little kitten leaps at your ankles, swats you a few times, then runs off. But as he grows, this play biting/ scratching can injure you.

Managing the Mess

Subscribers Only - A beloved family cat who becomes incontinent can raise the household stress level immeasurably. After years of dutifully using the litter box, your cat seems to go wherever she is. The truth of the matter is that sheís not happy about it either.

5 Notes About Vitamin C and Cats

Vitamin C is an antioxidant

Kitten Training: Carriers

Subscribers Only - You just brought home an adorable ball of fluff. She has all-new accessories, from toys to food and water bowls to a cat tree and bed to curl up in. But donít forget a cat carrier!

Subtle, Sneaky Digestive Issues

Subscribers Only - Your cat has a ravenous appetite but never gains weight and might even be losing weight. In addition, you may notice the litter box has more deposits than ever beforeóoften soft and ďslimyĒ with a worse odor than usual. Your cat may be suffering from a malabsorption/maldigestion disorder. Malabsorption means the cat canít absorb the nutrients. Maldigestion occurs when your cat is not producing the enzymes needed to digest her food.† Digestion Gone Awry Ö

Eye Drainage Must Be Addressed

Every once in a while, my catís eyes water for no reason. They clear up on their own, so I havenít been to the veterinarian about it, but Iím wondering. Should I get her checked?

Happening Now...

The TV show ďAmericaís Got TalentĒ included a mind-boggling cat act, with some amazing tricks by very happy cats. You can seee it here at: