September 2018

Feral Cats Rest Most of the Day

If you’ve used a webcam to keep an eye on your cat while you were at work, chances are most of the footage shows your cat snoozes away in various locations. If you felt bad about her “boring” life, think again.

Tilting Heads and Drunken Walks

Subscribers Only - Normally your cat is an amazing athlete. She can do flips and land right side up, even after a tumble from a tree or window, and can leap from floor to countertop in just one bound. But when vestibular problems strike, that same cat walks like the proverbial drunken sailor.

When Cats Get a Little Crazy

Subscribers Only - All cats have their habits and routines, along with favorite activities. But sometimes behaviors get over the top and cross the line into compulsions. Compulsive behaviors can indicate an underlying problem in your cat and can potentially cause other problems.

That Cat on a Hot Tin Roof . . .

Subscribers Only - September’s sun can be deceiving. Although many of us consider September to be fall, it is still, for the most part, summer, and the sun is usually still strong and can cause temperatures to rise unexpectedly.

Cushing’s Disease Can Strike Cats

Subscribers Only - While Cushing’s disease, which is technically called “hyperadrenocorticism,” is more common in dogs than cats, feline members of your family can have this health problem.

Five Tips for Travel with Your Cat

For cats who must travel with you, consider these safety thoughts

Million Cat Challenge

Maddie’s Fund is granting $2,580,741 to support the Million Cat Challenge as it expands its lifesaving work in shelters across North America. The Million Cat Challenge is a campaign to save the lives of one million shelter cats and it met its goal one year early. They are now focusing on communities where cats are still at risk to make lifesaving the norm across shelters.

Cats Do Not Always Land on Their Feet

Cats do an amazing job landing on their feet, but only when they have time to re-orient themselves. Cats in free fall immediately go about righting themselves in a race against the clock. In other words, if the fall is high enough, they may have time to get upright. Cats right themselves from front to back, righting the head and front feet then the back feet.

CatWatch Earns 2017 Writing Awards

The Cat Writers’ Association’s mission is to promote professionalism among people who write about and photograph cats and improve the quality of cat information. To that end, they host an annual awards contest to honor outstanding writers. We are delighted to have earned two special awards, three Muse Medallion awards, and four certificates of excellence for our work in 2017.

New Cat: Safe, Civil Introductions

We have opened our home to an additional cat, and we would like to know how best to introduce the cat to our existing cat and dog. Can you give us some advice on how to make this transition safe and easy?

South Australia’s New Law

All cats and dogs born after July 1, 2018, are required to be neutered, or “desexed,” before they turn six months of age or within 28 days of the new owner’s possession, according to a South Australia government website.

Cost of Pet Emergency reports that nearly 70 percent of American households have a pet but most are unprepared financially for a veterinary emergency, which averages between $800 and $1,500, according to Petplan.

Plague Found in Idaho

KTVB in Boise, Idaho, reported in June that a cat tested positive for the plague. This occurred a month after a child tested positive for the plague, also in Idaho.