April 2019

Cats Prefer to Work for Their Food

In January, we wrote about the recent American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) updated guidelines on feeding cats to make feeding programs more natural, emphasizing a catís natural desire to hunt. Hunting keeps the cat active, which burns calories and promotes a healthy body weight and lean muscle mass. These five things will help you make feeding time more like a hunt.

Study on FCGS

Subscribers Only - A recent study led by Santiago Peralta, Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine Assistant Professor, Section of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, found that feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS)is more prevalent in shared households and its risk correlates with the number of cohabiting cats. Gingivostomatitis is marked by severe, chronic inflammation of a catís gums and oral mucosa. Itís most common in cats with certain viral diseases, like feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Mirtazapine for Liver Disease

Mirtazapine, a tricyclic depressant for humans, has been shown to have appetite stimulant benefits for cats. Since cats who have a decreased appetite can develop life-threatening conditions such as hepatic lipidosis, this medication can have important uses in cats.

Acrylic Skull Piece Saves Tabby

Veterinarians at Washington State University used a 3D printer to manufacturer an acrylic skull for a cat needing surgery to address brain tumors, according to a report in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News. The cat, a tabby named Linus, had three tumors removed from the lining of his brain. After the removal of the first two tumors, Linus experienced brain swelling and bleeding, with his brain bulging out of the hole in his skull.

Research Finds Two New Feline Viruses

An article in American Veterinarian says that researchers recently identified two novel viruses in the domestic cat: gammaherpesviruses and feline morbilliviruses. The Felis catus gammaherpesvirus 1 (FcaGHV1) was discovered in 2014, and feline morbillivirus was originally found in 2012.

Dangerous Urethral Ruptures

Subscribers Only - In one large study, slightly over half of the cats that suffered from a urethral rupture had been subjected to direct and intense trauma, primarily by being hit by car and suffering from pelvic injuries. Just under half had experienced a partial rupture while being catheterized for a urinary blockage. Male cats are more commonly afflicted because they are more susceptible to urinary blockages, which may require catheterization, and are more likely to be outside, which increases risk of trauma.

Feline Physical Rehabilitation

Subscribers Only - The days of hearing, ďItís just a cat,Ē are thankfully fading fast. Owners are increasingly more attuned to behavioral and physical changes in their cats that indicate injury or illness, and more enthusiastic about pursuing diagnostics and treatments to achieve the best possible outcome.

What Emergency Clinics See Most

Subscribers Only - Emergency clinics and urgent-care after hours at regular veterinary clinics are on the rise for good reason: They save lives. But they are more expensive, and they donít take appointments, which sometimes means a long wait. In March, we talked about common symptoms of serious illness in cats and when they warrant a veterinary emergency. In this issue, we discuss common metabolic and systemic diseases and when they constitute an emergency.

Handling Trichobezoars

Subscribers Only - Many cat lovers know the awful feeling of waking up from a deep sleep to the sound of their cat gagging and retching to throw up a hairball or stepping on a fresh hairball on the carpet with bare feet. Not pleasant! While most hairballs are a nuisance, some can signal or cause serious health problems.

FIV-Positive Cat Battling Pain

I recently took a three-year-old male domestic short-haired cat that has been living outside on my property to the veterinarian to get him fixed and whatever shots necessary. I was informed that he is feline leukemia negative, but he is infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Is there anything I can do to make his life as good and long as possible? He seems fine most of the time, but he sometimes appears uncomfortable.

Happening now…

A 45-year-old Singapore man was arrested for trying to smuggle four kittens past immigration, according to Channel NewsAsia. Security noticed the manís pants were ďmeowing.Ē He faces a possible fine and one year in prison.

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