From the August 2014 Issue

Their Daily Water Requirement?

Even if you could lead your cat to water, you can’t make him drink. The reason this usually occurs with cats rather than other animals in most cases: it’s part of their biological make-up, says Brian Collins, DVM, a lecturer in the Community Practice Service at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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When Play Biting Turns Aggressive

You may have been amused when your kitten or newly adopted cat first playfully pounced on your ankles or delivered love nips to your hand. But now, his swatting and biting have intensified, leaving you with deep scratches and broken skin.

Don’t Feed These 15 People-Foods

Some cats are finicky eaters while others behave more like chowhounds, quickly gobbling all food at any opportunity. But because your cat’s body metabolizes food differently, some foods and medications considered safe for you can be deadly if your cat ingests them.

Some Diabetics Won’t Need Insulin

Living with a diabetic cat isn’t as difficult as owners initially expect, thanks to some pleasant surprises like this: About a third of cats will come to a point where they won’t need insulin any longer. They’re transient diabetics, says Megan Morgan, VMD, a specialist in internal medicine at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, Conn.

Ask Dr. Richards: August 2014

Q. We have a 5-year-old cat we have built an outdoor enclosure for (he loves it!), but with summer upon us, we are concerned about the heat and other potentially dangerous health risks for cats. Can you give us a rundown of what we should be concerned about during the hot summer months?