Teach Your Cat by Shaping Behavior

Its a gradual process, rewarding close attempts

Cat tricks

Cats are super easy to train by using “shaping.” Shaping is a training technique where you build up to the desired behavior by rewarding steps in the right direction. To teach shaking hands, for example, you might first put your hand under her paw so she touches it. Give her a special treat, like a tiny piece of chicken, for the touch. Repeat, offering your hand and moving it closer to her to see if and when she’ll touch it.

When she’s touched it—even if you still have to move all the way under her paw—give her a treat. Don’t force the issue, and it’s preferable to use short training sessions.

Remember, you’re shaping the behavior, which means you reward “close” behaviors, gradually asking for a movement closer to the desired behavior. You can also use this to teach your cat to high five, rear up, and more.