2019 Top Pet Poisons

These items prompted the most calls for help

From the ASPCA Pet Poison Control Hotline, the most pet poisonings were due to:

  1. Over-the-Counter Human Medications. These products account for 20% of the poisons consumed by pets this year, according to the ASPCA’s calls.
  2. Human Prescription Medications. Prescription meds were found in 17% of the cases.
  3. Human Foods. A surprising third, although mainly in dogs.
  4. Chocolate. At 10%, cats scarfed down a share of gourmet chocolate.
  5. Veterinary Products.  These cases were mainly due to overdoses and improper use.
  6. Household Items. This category included things like spackle, paint, cleaners, and antifreeze.

Rounding out the list were: rodenticide, which accounted for 7% of the Poison Center’s calls; plants, both indoor and outdoor varietes; insecticides, with most exposures due to unsafe-use practices and storage; and garden products, fertilizers, and plant foods that contain fish products or bone meal that attract some pets.