Overworked Veterinarians

COVID-'s Impact

Chris Roth, DVM, writes on a PetsBest blog that COVID-19 has caused pet ownership to surge by 10%. This has left veterinarians overworked and stressed by COVID-19 restrictions while pet parents find it difficult to get services.

It stands to reason that veterinarians in states with relatively few veterinary professionals may be unable to keep up with the growing demand for their services. New Jersey has the lowest concentration of veterinarians in the United States. The 15 states with the lowest concentration of veterinarians are:

  1. West Virginia (.91x concentration)
  2. New Mexico (.90x concentration)
  3. Massachusetts (.88x concentration)
  4. Mississippi (.88x concentration)
  5. Rhode Island (.86x concentration)
  6. Illinois (.84x concentration)
  7. California (.84x concentration)
  8. New York (.80x concentration)
  9. South Carolina (.80x concentration)
  10. Utah (.76x concentration)
  11. Hawaii (.76x concentration)
  12. Texas (.76x concentration)
  13. Nevada (.75x concentration)
  14. Arkansas (.73x concentration)
  15. New Jersey (.68x concentration)