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  • 5 Things to Know about Whiskers
  • Cat Friends for Over 10,000 Years
  • Technology Comes to Cat Treat Manufacturing
  • A Worrisome Hernia Injury
  • Yes, Anesthesia Involves Risk
  • Heads Up on Ringworm
  • Signs a Cat Is Going to Attack
  • Hyperthyroid Cat’s Appetite

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  • Heat Exhaustion in Cats
  • Your Cat’s Microbiome and Her Health
  • Inaccurate Weight Estimates in Cats
  • Thinning-Hair Problems
  • Fecal Incontinence in Cats
  • Suspected Poisoning
  • Sit, Stay, and Come
  • Bartonella Infections

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  • Beat Urine Stains and Odors
  • Cassava and Sweet Potato for Diabetic Cats
  • The Annual Fred Scott Feline Symposium
  • When Accidents Happen
  • The Window to Overall Health
  • The Challenge of Maintaining Thiamine Levels
  • Neutering a Cryptorchid Cat
  • Don’t Leave Me Alone!
  • Strange Afternoon Antics
  • Mycotoxins Blamed

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  • Massage Benefits Many Cats
  • Time for Updated AAHA Senior-Care Guidelines 
  • Cornell’s Dr. Campoy Is a Leader in Pain Medicine
  • Feline Polyarthritis 
  • Head and Brain Injuries
  • Med Choices Are Complicated
  • Reducing Litter Tracking
  • Fungal Infections In Cats
  • Carnivore Types

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  • FATE Has a Six-Hour Window
  • Tablets for Newly Diagnosed Diabetic Cats
  • Deadly Decreased Appetite
  • Make Prevention Count
  • Where Did That Floss Go?
  • The Great Indoors
  • Black Specks May Be Flea Dirt

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  • Manage Diabetic Supplies
  • Treatment Options for Arthritic Cats
  • Handle Feline Heat Cycles
  • Loud and Active Senior Cats
  • The Most Common Feline Bladder Disease
  • Yes, Cats Can Eat Carbs
  • Kidney Disease: Don’t Give Up

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  • Why Does My Cat Need an Exam to Get a Refill?
  • Cat Writers’ Association Annual Awards
  • Survival in Cats with High Rise Syndrome
  • Advanced Imaging Benefits
  • Catch Kidney Disease Early
  • Treating Frostbite in Cats
  • Annual Top 10 Cat Toxins
  • Prefers Fabric Over Litter

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  • When a Stray Chooses You
  • New Diagnostic Guidelines for FIP
  • What to Know About Aging in Cats
  • Holiday Household Hazards
  • What’s That Racket?!
  • Skin Folds in Obese Cats
  • Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

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  • Adopting a Senior Cat
  • Risk Factors for Cats with Cognitive Disorders
  • Four Nutraceuticals You May See In Cat Foods
  • New Cat? Start Out on the Right Paw
  • Dealing with Dry Skin
  • Finding a New Home
  • Please, Don’t Eat the Hamster
  • The Pain of Dental Disease
  • Is Genetic Testing Worth It?
  • New Cat Likes to Nip

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  • Staggering Disease in European Cats
  • Mandated Spay/Neuter Act Start in Louisiana
  • Horner’s Syndrome: Sign of Middle Ear Damage
  • Who Let the Cat Out?
  • Must I Neuter or Spay My Cat?
  • When Ear Infections Deepen
  • Wet Food, Dry? Both?
  • Cat Living on the Roof

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  • Pain, Stress, and Gabapentin
  • COVID From Person to Cat to Person
  • Cats Help Catnip Release Natural Insect Repellent
  • Are You Seeing Urine Spots?
  • Cat-Food Label Short Course
  • Your Cat Can Love Grooming
  • The Senior Cat with Dementia
  • Persistent Wool Sucking

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  • How Cats Land on Their Feet 
  • At-Home Glucose Testing 
  • Detection of Heart Murmurs 
  • Shots: Choosing Is Confusing
  • Most Common Heart Disease
  • Regulating Sugar Levels