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The Lure of the Great Outdoors

Dont Give Into the Temptation to Let Your Cat Be Free

Is This the Breed For You?

The Abyssinian

When Your Cat Keeps You Up at Night

There May Be a Good Reason for the Folly

Understanding Your Cats Need to Scratch

How to Live Happily With Claws

Resetting the 5:00 a.m. Cat Alarm

How to Get Your Cat on Your Sleep Schedule

Adoption: Home 4 the Holidays

More than 1,000 animal shelters in 50 states and 17 other countries will join paws this holiday season to find homes for 250,000 orphaned...

Adopting a Kitten

The First Thing to Consider Is Whether Youre Ready to Take on a 15 to 18+ Year Commitment

Home Alone

How to Help Your Cat Be Less Lonely When Youre Away

AAFP Statement on Declawing

Position Paper Offers Details on Whether Onychectomy is Necessary

Short Takes: 03/03

The web gives adoption assistance; a link between weather and fleas

How to Help Homeless Cats

Some will never be adoptable, but humane trapping to spay and neuter can help feral felines.

Cat Cinema

Valentine Videos to Win Your Cats Heart