Great Tree-Climber

This man rescues cats

Sentavio | Deposit Photos

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), Normer Adams, a retired social worker, is a “treed-cat rescuer on a rampage.” He rescues an average of one cat a week from trees. Over the last two years, that’s 91 cats. He doesn’t charge, and he has aYouTube channel ( where you can watch him rescue each cat. Some of the cats were in the tree for days. Once he reaches the cat, Adams places the cat in a bag to safely bring him back down the tree.

“During a rescue, Adams arrives on the scene, aims for a sturdy branch above the cats (he doesn’t want them climbing higher than him) and uses a tall slingshot to launch a beanbag with attached rope to the preferred spot. He then tugs the climbing rope over the branch and ties one end to the bottom of the tree. Then he scurries up with the help ofknee and foot ascenders, contraptions that basically allow you to ‘walk’ up a hanging rope in mid-air,” reported Tree climbing is a growing sport. Learn more about it at