Happening Now…

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Oxygen Masks Donation – The Durham County (N.C.) News reports that veterinarian Sabrina Grinstead donated a dozen $125 pet oxygen masks to the Durham Fire Department. “I’ve been looking for a way to contribute . . . and I came across the need for the masks,” Dr. Grinstead says.

Award Winner – The Cat Writers Association awarded the Grooming and Feline Skin Care Award to CatWatch writer Kate Eldredge Basedow for her article “Time Takes its Toll on Tangles” (January 2018). “This article is straightforward and easy to digest, yet educational! Great read,” says the judge.

Declawing Law – New York is again considering a declawing law. If passed, NY would be the first state to ban it. Denver, some California cities, and Switzerland, Israel, and the United Kingdom have similar laws.