A Greater Understanding of FIP Treatment

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) has long been a difficult diagnosis with little hope. But a new medication shows promise — and a cutting-edge genetic breakthrough may also be within reach.

This progress was announced to 200 veterinarians, cat breeders and cat lovers at the 33rd annual Winn Foundation Symposium in Reston, VA.
According to experts, one in 100 to one in 300 of all cats between the ages of three to five succumbs to FIP. Sadly, the incidence can be five to 10 times greater among young cats coming from catteries and shelters.
Once clinical signs occur, FIP has been considered fatal. Most instances of FIP occur in kittens, and it strikes frequently — or at least more than previously suspected.
Since FIP was first discovered in 1963, there’s been little progress in improving the lifespan of cats that are diagnosed.