Low-Dose for Hyperthyroidism

A study published in the Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine compared the efficacy of low-dose radioiodine treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism to the standard dose.

While radioiodine treatment is known to be effective, the optimal dose to restore normal thyroid function has not been determined. The treatment can lead to hypothyroidism and kidney problems, and a reduced lifespan. The researchers set the low-dose treatment at half the current standard dose of radioiodine.

The study included 189 cats and compared the results after treatment. Serum T4, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and creatinine concentrations were measured to determine the cat’s health and thyroid state.

The conclusion of the study was that low-dose radioiodine is safe and effective for cats with mild-to-moderate hyperthyroidism, as evidenced by a cure rate of over 95% with a reduced frequency of post-treatment hypothyroidism and kidney problems.