Ask Dr. Richards

May 2009 Issue

Ask Elizabeth: 05/09

I adopted a munchkin Persian cat from a rescue group a few months ago. Buttercup is cute as a bug, but she has a real problem with her nose- she doesn’t have much of one! When I look at Buttercup’s face I see very small slits where my other cats have nice big nose holes. When Buttercup breaths she makes more noise than any of my other cats; she actually sounds like she’s snoring most of the time, even when she’s awake! I don’t mind the noisy breathing, but I’m troubled by what happens when Buttercup’s activity increases. When she plays — which she doesn’t do very often — it looks like she really has to struggle to get air through that tiny nose. After a few minutes of playing ‘chase the feather’ she stops, sits down, and just heaves. I feel so sorry for her. I put a vaporizer where she sleeps but can’t tell that it’s made any difference. Would antibiotics help? Will she grow out of it? Is there anything I can do for her?

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