August 2017 Issue

Could Our Furniture be Making our Cats Sick?

Could Our Furniture be Making our Cats Sick?

A 2017 study from Stockholm University, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, suggests that our houses may be making our cats sick.

The study showed that chemicals in electronics and furniture can become dust that adversely affects health. Flame retardant compounds, added to products like furniture, eventually break down to dust. This study found these compounds in higher levels in the blood of cats with hyperthyroidism compared to healthy cats in the same household.

“Cats in the study spent the majority of their time indoors and therefore air and dust in the home is expected to contribute more than the outdoor environment,” says Jana Weiss from Stockholm University’s department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry. “The brominated flame retardants that have been measured in cats are known endocrine disrupters.”

Endocrine disruptors can cause cancer and hormonal problems.