Inside the Mind of the Cat

Netflix scores a win with this one

The Netflix documentary “Inside the Mind of the Cat” entertains, educates, and positively delights the viewer. It focuses on “what makes cats special,” says our own editor-in-chief, Dr. Bruce Kornreich, one of the experts in this film. You’ll see Dr. Kornreich sit down and play with cats, work on a “shrinking hole” experiment with them, and explain why and how cats do things. Dr. Kornreich says the film helps viewers understand what’s “unique and cool” about cats.

Joining Dr. Kornreich are feline behavior expert Dr. Kristyn Vitale from Unity College, renowned Japanese researcher Dr. Saho Takagi, and the Ukrainian cat trainers Svitlana and Maryna Savitsky, who wowed audience and judges on “America’s Got Talent” in 2018. The insights into feline behavior revealed by these experts will enhance your understanding of your own cats.

You’ll learn how cats express love, ways to train them, why cats have been an important part of human lives for over 10,000 years, and how they’ve barely changed over the millennia. “Genetics-wise,” says Dr. Kornreich, “you basically have a wild animal living in your house.”

This documentary will fascinate you and motivate you to enhance your relationship with your cat. For those of us who constantly wonder what our cats are thinking, we’ve got answers.