An Anonymous Grant to Evaluate GI Diseases

A grant from anonymous donors in memory of their cat, Speckles, will support feline research to distinguish between gastrointestinal disease caused by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and lymphoma.

“Speckles’ family has entrusted Winn Feline Foundation to help identify high-quality research proposals that may provide answers to major abdominal cancers in cats related to the liver, pancreas and/or gastrointestinal tract,” said the Winn Feline Foundation in announcing the award.

Jan Suchodolski, DVM, Ph.D, ACVIM, at Texas A&M University will lead the study on IBD and low-grade alimentary lymphoma, which often requires surgery to obtain intestinal biopsies. The project will assess fecal bacteria and if significant difference is found, it may lead to a less invasive, more accurate diagnosis.