Happening Now…

More Microchip BenefitsA bill introduced in the Georgia House would require veterinarians to scan animals under their care for the presence of a microchip and contact law enforcement if the chip does not match the information of the person presenting the pet for treatment, reports AllOnGeorgia.com.

Big Bucks for MiratazDechra Pharmaceuticals purchased KindredBio’s Mirataz for a reported $43 million, plus royalties from the sale of the drug. The transdermal ointment is applied to the cat’s ear and used to help manage undesired weight loss in cats.

Beware of MosquitoesThe Feline Health Center at Cornell reminds us that  mosquitoes bring the risk of heartworm to cats as well as dogs. Although cats are not considered natural hosts of heartworms, they can be infected and at risk for significant, even life-threatening, heart, lung, and central nervous system disease. Cats should be regularly treated with heartworm preventative during times of the year when mosquitos are active even if they are kept indoors, as there are very few true mosquito-free homes. Talk with your veterinarian about this important feline health-care issue.