Happening Now…

What a RideA cat was rescued after climbing into a car engine bay and going on a four-mile 70 mile-per-hour trip along a dual highway, reports BBC North East & Cumbria.

When the driver stopped at his destination, he heard the cat. As soon as the car stopped, though, the cat jumped out and ran into the engine of another car! Fortunately, he was rescued and returned to his owner without injury.

World’s Oldest Cat DiesRubble passed away in July at age 31(150 in human years), according to multiple news sources. He lived in Exeter, England.

While it is not clear yet what cat is now considered the new world’s oldest living cat, Creme Puff, a Texas cat who lived to age 38, retains the Guiness title as the oldest cat ever.

Cats and COVID-19 Anxiety—UC Davis News says cats may be benefiting from the COVID-19 anxiety people are feeling. A new study from researchers at the University of California, Davis, and California State University, East Bay, finds that the more neurotic and anxious cat owners are, the more trust and affection they have for their cat.

Worthwhile DonationWKTAR News in Arizona says that the Fetch Foundation is donating to firefighters the Fido Bag, which includes a specialized breathing apparatus that is formed to fit across a pet’s mouth and allows for a secure seal on the pet’s face to help prevent smoke inhalation. The bags also include specialized burn sheets, bandages, rinsing saline, protective restraints, collapsible water dishes, and stuffed toys.