Happening Now…

Technology Pet Sales Are Up—Pet Product News reports that sales of “smart” pet products—those using Bluetooth, GPS, or radio-frequency identification (RFID), or able to connect to the internet—rose 11% in 2019, hitting $491 million. Top items were: invisible fencing systems and smart pet doors (36% of the sales), collars/tags (28%), toys (21%), cameras/video systems (7%), and feeders/treat dispensers (5%). Interestingly, smart litterboxes made up only 3% of the sales.

Record-BreakerThe Brandywine Valley SPCA added 182 cats and one dog that were seized in a suspected animal cruelty case near Dover, Del., says the Daily Local News. The investigation is ongoing with charges pending, but it’s believed to be the largest hoarding-case seizure in the state’s history.

Georgia Rescues KittensGeorgia was frantic when her premature puppies died. The Phoenix, Ariz., area rescue put out a notice, asking if anyone needed a lactating dog. The answer came in the form of three orphaned kittens, reports Arizona ABC15.  The four animals formed an instant bond. Georgia nurses the kittens, cleans them, and protects them as if they were her babies. The kittens appear to have no idea Georgia is canine.