Happening Now…

No, Thank youA rare two-headed southern black racer snake was recently found at a home in Palm Harbor, Fla., reports WFTS in Tampa Bay. Kay Rogers said her cat brought the snake into the home through the doggy door. The cat placed the snake on the carpet. Her daughter placed the snake in a plastic container and set up a habitat for it.

Joining InKSAT.com reports that San Antonio, Texas, may be joining the ever-growing ban on selling purebred pets in retail stores, in an effort to halt kitten and puppy mills. The city council is studying the proposed ordinance.

600 Pets AirliftedAccording to a CNN report, 600 cats and dogs were airlifted from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland in the largest animal rescue flight in history. Dubbed “Paws Across the Pacific,” a chartered Hercules C-130 plane flew across the Hawaiian Islands in October, picking up dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters (due to the COVID-19 crisis and the economic downturn) and put up for adoption.