Happening Now…

New Guidelines—The American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners updated their 2010 feline life stages to better tailor veterinary care to a cat’s age.

Cancer ResearchThe Petco Foundation awarded $75,000 to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine for cancer treatments for dogs and cats.

HypertensionThe American Association of Feline Practitioners’s newly released Hypertension Educational Toolkit emphasizes the importance of routinely checking feline blood pressure.

COVID-19 VaccineRussia has registered the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine for animals. Clinical trials of the vaccine, called Carnivac-Cov, involved dogs, cats, Arctic foxes, minks, foxes, and other animals.

Cat-Scratch SchizophreniaAccording to Animal Health Veterinary Briefs, bacteria associated with cats has been tied to human schizophrenia. DNA of bartonella bacteria was found in the blood of 12 of 17 people with schizophrenia, but in only 1 of the 13 people in a control group. Bartonella bacteria are already associated with cat-scratch disease. More research on the connection is needed.