Happening now…

Domestic Violence FundsPetSmart Charities has awarded a $260,000 grant to Urban Resource Institute, an American provider of domestic violence residential services, according to Veterinary Practice News. The money will be used to conduct a research survey to  evaluate the situation of survivors and pets and the efficacy of the co-living model in domestic violence shelter settings.

Big InvestmentHill’s Pet Nutrition plans to spend over $250 million for a new factory in their home state of Kansas. This will be the company’s fifth plant, according to to Petfood Industry News.

Cat SeriesAccording to TV Insider, NetFlix is planning a six-part documentary called “Cat People.” Creator Glen Zipper dispels negative notions of feline enthusiasts as “crazy” or “antisocial.” Instead, the folks you meet are living their best lives thanks to their buddies with nine lives.

Cowpox Infection—Live Science reports that a U.K. woman developed a severe eye infection due to cowpox, a cousin of smallpox, which she contracted from her cat. Cats can become infected with cowpox through contact with rodents, but cat-to-human transmission of the disease is rare.