Happening Now…

Coronavirus in CatThe United Kingdom’s Animal and Plant Health Agency confirmed a SARS-CoV-2 infection in a cat, according to CNN. The cat likely contracted the infection from its owners, who had COVID-19. Both the cat and its owners have recovered. The cat’s preliminary diagnosis was feline herpes virus, but the cat was tested for infection with the novel coronavirus as part of an ongoing study.

GroundedAccording to the website cbc.ca, a Canadian cat named Spooky went on a 491-mile trip in the engine of a Peterbilt truck and ended up in the United States. The driver found the cat during a routine check of his truck and found the cat to be in excellent shape after the journey.

The truck driver called the number on the cat’s collar, which was for the cat’s veterinary clinic, who located the cat’s owners. With the help of understanding border-patrol personnel, the truck driver drove the cat back to Canada and returned him to his owner. Spooky is no longer being allowed outside without supervision, say the owners.