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  • Staggering Disease in European Cats
  • Mandated Spay/Neuter Act Start in Louisiana
  • Horner’s Syndrome: Sign of Middle Ear Damage
  • Who Let the Cat Out?
  • Must I Neuter or Spay My Cat?
  • When Ear Infections Deepen
  • Wet Food, Dry? Both?
  • Cat Living on the Roof

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  • Pain, Stress, and Gabapentin
  • COVID From Person to Cat to Person
  • Cats Help Catnip Release Natural Insect Repellent
  • Are You Seeing Urine Spots?
  • Cat-Food Label Short Course
  • Your Cat Can Love Grooming
  • The Senior Cat with Dementia
  • Persistent Wool Sucking

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  • How Cats Land on Their Feet 
  • At-Home Glucose Testing 
  • Detection of Heart Murmurs 
  • Shots: Choosing Is Confusing
  • Most Common Heart Disease
  • Regulating Sugar Levels

Download The Full July 2022 Issue PDF

  • Understanding Feeding Tube Basics
  • When Your Cat Avoids the Litterbox
  • Feline Seizures
  • Detection of Heart Murmurs
  • Diagnosing Diarrhea
  • Has My Cat Ingested Poison?
  • Filtered Water, Pesticides, and Kidney Disease

Download The Full June 2022 Issue PDF

  • Potential New Treatment For Melanomas
  • Cornell’s Genetics Study Provides Hope
  • Those Annoying Anal Glands
  • “Sudden” Blindness
  • Monitor for Parasites
  • Home Alone—Is It OK?
  • Concerned About Mute Cat

Download The Full May 2022 Issue PDF

  • The Reasons Some Cats Bite
  • Red Alert: Cat Stops Eating
  • Tiny Fleas Carry Big Diseases
  • Unrelenting Itchy Ears
  • Adding a Pet? It Takes Time
  • Do All Cats Itch and Scratch?