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  • When Family Cats Fight
  • Stress Increases Tear Production in Cats
  • End-of-Life Decisions
  • You Found a Litter of Kittens
  • The Blocked Cat
  • Tending to Tail Trauma
  • What Causes a Mucous Plug?
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology Survey

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  • Insurance Pluses and Pitfalls
  • The Camuti Consultation Service
  • Why Is My Cat Eating That?
  • Diagnosis: Diabetes
  • Could Your Cat Be Diabetic?
  • Missed Meal Worries
  • Cat Paw Problems
  • Cat Frantically Licks Belly

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  • Fear Free Practices
  • Insect Sources As Protein in Cat Food
  • Hawaii Lawmakers Consider Shelter Cat Project
  • Monitor Hyperthyroid Cats
  • Enlarged Kidneys in Cats
  • How to Give Your Cat Meds
  • Are Lawn Chemicals Harmful?
  • Managing an FIV-Positive Cat 8

Download The Full March 2024 Issue PDF

  • Is Pricier Cat Food Worth It?
  • Cautions With Pill Guns For Cats
  • Signs of Retinal Disease
  • Dementia in Cats
  • Indoor Hazards for Cats
  • Mysterious Bladder Problems
  • Inflamed Nasal Passages

Download The Full February 2024 Issue PDF

  • Say Yes to Microchips
  • Development of Feline Facial Expressions
  • Kitten Enrichment
  • Feline Hip Dysplasia
  • The Most Common Cancer
  • From Constipation to Megacolon
  • Autoimmune Disease Control

Download The Full January 2024 Issue PDF

  • Handling Stranger Danger
  • New Las Vegas Microchip Ordinance for Pets
  • Cornell CatWatch Earns Multiple Writing Awards
  • How to Help a Feral Cat
  • Clean Mouth = Healthy Cat
  • Too Many Hairballs?
  • One Cat or Two? Or 10?
  • Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex in Cats

Download The Full December 2023 Issue PDF

  • Itchy Ears: More Than Mites
  • Veterinary Vaccine Controversies
  • Must I Deworm My Cat?
  • Respiratory Illness in Cats Can Be Serious
  • Behavior Detective Work
  • Ask Dr. K

Download The Full November 2023 Issue PDF

  • How Neutering Pets Affects Feral and Stray Cats
  • Cleft Palates in Kittens
  • Feline Health Screening: Is It Necessary?
  • Horner’s Syndrome
  • Laryngeal Diseases in Cats
  • Ask Dr. K.

Download The Full October 2023 Issue PDF

  • Worries When Cats Drool
  • Injection to Reduce Feline Fertility
  • New Drug To Help With Anemia In Renal Failure
  • New Weapons Against FOSCC in Cats
  • Feline Stomach Cancer
  • Feline Intestinal Blockages Are Bad News
  • Brain Lesions and Tumors
  • Laser Therapy for Cats
  • Ask Dr. K.

Download The Full September 2023 Issue PDF

  • Choosing Anti-Anxiety Meds
  • Advances in Anti-Clotting Therapy
  • Hope for Sterilization Alternatives
  • Could It Be Cancer?
  • The Dangers of Calicivirus
  • Anal Gland Problems
  • Old Cats and Vaccinations
  • When Your Cat Eats String
  • Avian Flu in Cats

Download The Full August 2023 Issue PDF

  • Preventing Finicky Felines
  • Understanding a Cat’s Taste Buds
  • Cats Can Have a Disagreement But Remain Pals
  • Diabetic Remission In Cats
  • Mammary Cancer in Cats
  • The Availability of Compounded Medications
  • Must I Feed Wet Food?
  • Scratching After Bathing

Download The Full July 2023 Issue PDF

  • 5 Things to Know about Whiskers
  • Cat Friends for Over 10,000 Years
  • Technology Comes to Cat Treat Manufacturing
  • A Worrisome Hernia Injury
  • Yes, Anesthesia Involves Risk
  • Heads Up on Ringworm
  • Signs a Cat Is Going to Attack
  • Hyperthyroid Cat’s Appetite