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When Your Cat Kneads You

Is It Love or Just a Way of Saying Youre Mine?

Ready to Succeed

Starting Your Kitten Off on the Right Paw

The Mind of Your Cat: 03/02

Question: I live in a rural area. My cats have access to the outdoors through cat flaps. Recently, my 14-year-old cat died. I am...

Chat With Your Cat

What You Can Learn By Understanding Her Body Language

Is Your Cat Over-Attached?

How to Keep the Affection Without the Cling

When Your Cat Sucks Wool

Treatment Often Puts an End to Wacky Behavior

The Mind of Your Cat: 06/02

Question: I have two Ragdoll cats, Shadow and Sundance, which are both 7 years old. They are actually related and were adopted together at...

Aint Misbehaving

Dr Mew Visits an Animal Behaviorist

When Your Cat Keeps You Up at Night

There May Be a Good Reason for the Folly

Unwanted Behaviors

Physical Punishment Doesnt Work and May Make Problems Worse

Getting Rid of the Problem

The Reasons for Inappropriate Elimination Could Be Right Under Your Nose

Feline OCD

Cats Perform Actions that Reveal Obsessions and Compulsions