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When Your Cat Turns Blue

What to Do About Feline Depression

Resetting the 5:00 a.m. Cat Alarm

How to Get Your Cat on Your Sleep Schedule

Cat-to-Cat Harmony

How to Take the Bite Out of Feline Aggression

Home Alone

How to Help Your Cat Be Less Lonely When Youre Away

Gazing into Your Crystal Ball

Predicting Whether Your Cat and a Newcomer Will Get Along

Out of Place

Understanding the Causes and Cures of Displacement Behaviors

The Mind of Your Cat: 12/02

Question: I recently brought my beautiful cat to his first cat show. He is so friendly and playful with all the friends he meets...

Short Takes: 01/03

Biting, Taxes, Overpopulation, Toxoplasmosis

Your Cats Affection

What Does It Mean - and Can You Change It?

Bringing Home Baby — to Meet Your Cat

Take steps for this important introduction well before the big day arrives.

Introducing Adult Cats

A Slow, Steady Approach May Be the Way to Ensure Its a Success

Soothe Your Cats Grief

How to help make up for the loss of a beloved companion