Looking For An Animal Behaviorist?

The first step is to ask your cats veterinarian for advice. After that, heres what you should know.

Getting A Good Nights Sleep

Are you a light sleeper or living with an overactive cat? We offer some suggestions for slumber.

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Treating Feline Separation Anxiety

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Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

Curry Favor for the Carrier

If your cat is transported only for scary experiences like the veterinarians office, its time for change!

Is Your Cat a Scaredy Cat?

If you know what makes her run for cover, you can help ease some of her fears.

Anxiety and the Modern Cat

Dr. Lindell discusses how to cope with the behavioral changes of a stressed-out cat.

What Is She Trying to Say?

Your cats vocalizations contain many meanings. Here are some clues to cat-speak.

Bad Cat!

Some problems require a behavior specialist.

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Make the Most of the New Year

Resolutions can help improve your cats health and behavior. Heres how.

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