The Stress-Free Vet Visit

Rubber gloves, stethoscopes, needles, white coats …… the mere thought of going to the doctor or dentist can send shivers up the spine of many patients. Our feline friends are no different. Luckily, cats dont consult a calendar in the days or weeks before a trip to the veterinarian, so they are spared a lot of needless time worrying beforehand. But make no mistake about it: Your cat will know somethings up the minute she sees the cat carrier in your hand.

When Feline Eyes Are Smiling

Your cat uses her entire body to communicate messages to us and other animals.

Does Your Cat Hold Grudges?

Separation anxiety can be one reason your cat behaves strangely when you return from a trip. Here are some ways to help.

Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Some cats will do anything to avoid it, while others love it and want to jump right in. Experts discuss some possible reasons.

Ease Your Cats Anxiety

A visit to the veterinarians office can be extremely stressful for your pet. Learn ways to make it more enjoyable - for both of you.

Make Your Carrier More Cat-Friendly

Heres some help in convincing your cat to regard her traveling case with less fear.

Mind of the Cat: 10/05

Veterinary behaviorists can spend hours watching their subjects. What are the animals doing all this time? Mostly, they are engaging in normal, species-typical behaviors. In fact, it can be quite difficult to identify and manage problem behaviors without understanding which behaviors are truly normal. A question commonly posed to veterinarians and behaviorists is: Doc, is my cat normal? …

Mind of the Cat: 07/05

I recently learned of a cat that, upon seeing a visiting dog in the house, ran for cover and refused to come out for months. Fortunately, this cat did not exhibit aggressive behavior. However, it is not uncommon for a cat, when frightened, to respond by attacking rather than by fleeing. …

Learn Ways to Help The Timid Cat

A cat with chronic fear requires gentle handling and patience. Professional help is also available.

Mind of the Cat: 02/05

Is Muffy Too Mischevious For Your Taste?

Dear Diary: Keep Records of Your Cat

We explain why its important to keep track of certain details to help your cats health and behavior.

To Catch a Thief: Cats That Steal

If your cat steals food when youre not looking - or even when you are - heres some help.