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Tracking Carbohydrates

Q. In two recent articles, you said the formula for calculating carbohydrate content in wet food was provided to assist diabetic cat owners find...

Optimal Weight

Q. Our adopted shelter cat is now 6 years old and weighs 17 pounds. He is a tiger/tabby mix, and we are told, with...

Inconsistent Cat Food Foils Study

Things don’t always turn out the way you expect. A study that set out to measure how much wildlife domestic cats eat to supplement...
Black cat

Testing Cat Food Palatability

  We all want our cat’s food to be nutritious and enticing. AFB International, a pet food research company that concentrates on evaluating how tasty...

Mineral Levels

Nutrition can be overwhelming, with all its nutrient minimums, maximums, and balances. For instance, recommended mineral levels seem to be small compared to levels...
Cat eats hamburger

Feeding Human Foods: The Facts

Everyone loves a treat, and that includes your cat. Sharing your food with your cat can be fun for both of you, but you...

Feeding the Diabetic Cat

 If your cat is diabetic, pay extra attention to her diet. Management of feline diabetes involves more than providing insulin injections to control blood...

Feline Parasite Solution Gets FDA approval

Merck Animal Health received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for an extended-duration topical solution that protects cats from fleas, ticks, and other parasites....

Feeding the Cat with Cancer

Weight loss can be tough to see because its so gradual. You should weigh your cat every week if possible. The sooner you recognize shes losing weight, the sooner you can address the problem.

Caution With Homemade Feline Diets

A study in the May 15, 2019, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association looked at the nutritional adequacy of recipes provided by various sources for homemade diets for cats. The recipes evaluated were all for maintenance only, and no therapeutic diets were included.

The Debate Continues

A University of Guelph online survey of 3,673 pet owners found that 35 percent of the responders whose pets ate conventional diets were interested in switching to a vegan diet.

5 Things Feline Food Facts You Need to Know

Diets must include nutrients that a cat cannot get elsewhere