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Help for People and Pets

Life has gotten hard for Beth since her car accident. She is still confined to a wheelchair following multiple surgeries and a series [IMGCAP(1)]of skin grafts. Her children (whom she raised on her own) are all grown and gone, so Beth has only her beloved gray and white cat, Charity, to help her get through daily life at home. …

The Feline Digestive System

Diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite are the major signs of trouble if your cat is suffering from digestive tract problems.

Megacolon and Diet

A very clean litter box can be useful in prevention. But once diagnosed, your cat will likely need a specific dietary regimen.

Vomiting: A Danger Sign?

When vomiting lasts more than a week, it's considered chronic, and the culprit needs to be discovered. Here's why.

The Feline Sense of Taste

One thing is certain: Cats lack a gene that enable them to taste sweetness. Here are other neat facts.

Sensitive Skin and Diet

Incessant scratching is annoying for your cat and troublesome to you. But how can you tell if its her food thats the main culprit?

Safe Food Storage

Here are some common-sense rules for storing your cats food so that it remains fresh and healthful.

Feed Your Older Cat Well

Its better to tailor your aging cats nutrition to her individual needs and not her age. Heres why.

Food for Thought

Its important to choose the right food to meet all your cats nutritional needs.

She Wont Eat It Anymore!

If your cat is in good health, a change in her appetite may simply mean she wants a little variety.

When a Cats Eating Behavior Gets Weird

Does your cat nervously scratch the floor around its food bowl before or after dinner? Does it like to lick the legs of your kitchen table? Does she occasionally rip up a ball of yarn...or cart a dead mouse into your living room... or suddenly turn up her nose at the food youve been putting in front of her for years? …

How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

The amount and frequency of meals depends on your cats age, health and preference.