Should We Do Radioiodine Therapy?

My 11-year-old domestic shorthaired cat was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and we are trying to decide the best way to treat him. Weve been told that he is otherwise healthy, and our veterinarian has told us about the possibility of radioiodine therapy, but were concerned about the effects of the radiation on him and our family.

Long-Term Use of Antacids Research

Although famotidine (brand-name Pepcid) is not FDA-approved for veterinary medicine, its commonly prescribed to prevent ulcers and treat gastritis, esophagitis and gastric or esophageal reflux.

When Acrobatic Prowess Fails Them

When it comes to leaping, landing and twisting in mid-air, cats earn accolades for agility, flexibility and acrobatic prowess. Its not unusual to witness your cat leap effortlessly to the top of the refrigerator and, when ready, to land softly and easily on the kitchen floor. But despite their grace and flexible physique, cats do not always land safely on their feet and can be at risk for painful sprains, broken legs, and other fractured bones.

The Odds of Deafness in White Cats

If you own a white cat, you most likely love his striking snowy coat and bright eyes. But you might also know that these brilliant features have implications that go deeper than appearance.

A Rare Polyp Impedes Breathing

If your cat has difficulty swallowing, shakes his head, sneezes and breathes noisily as if hacking or snoring, you could dismiss the behavior as fleeting. But while you might think the cause will clear up on its own, the problem may be a nasopharyngeal polyp - an uncommon, noncancerous bump at the very back of the throat or in the ear canal that must be removed through a fairly simple surgery. …

Keeping Medicines Safe and Effective

When you pick up antibiotics at the veterinary clinic for your ailing cat, your handling, storage and disposal of the medication can go a long way toward improving his health, safety and the environment. Risks of medicine-related calamities exist in every home with pets. They include accidentally mixing human and pet medications, exposing cats to flea topical flea preventives made for dogs and storing medications incorrectly in a manner that may reduce their effectiveness.

Short Takes: March 2017

Scientists have identified many factors that affect a species survival - from diet and weather to the size of breeding groups to social relationships. However, researchers at Michigan State have found that some wild cats dont necessarily respond to the same evolutionary pressures as other mammals, including humans and primates.

What Those Mighty MRIs Can Uncover

A neutered male Persian experiencing severe lower back pain had his owners concerned and his veterinarian puzzled. That prompted a referral to Cornell University Hospital for Animals, where the veterinary team turned to one of its most sophisticated diagnostic tools: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The Challenge of Long-term Steroids for Cats

Corticosteroids have proven effective in treating a variety of conditions from allergic reactions to brain disease, but they present a balancing act for both owners and veterinarians. Owners, faced with their cats experiencing any one of a long list of health problems, must weigh if long-term use is worth the risk of steroids side effects. At the same time, veterinarians must determine the lowest dose of medication to control the condition.

The Telling Sign of Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

As a species, cats have earned the reputation of being finicky eaters. But if your cat is avoiding food, dont dismiss it as mere feline pickiness. Avoidance of food can be a symptom of hepatic lipidosis, a common yet serious liver condition also known as fatty liver disease. If left untreated, hepatic lipidosis can be deadly.

Food Puzzles for Cats; Going to the Vet

In advocating environmental enrichment for indoor-only cats, it calls food puzzles foraging devices. The journal warns that, if not managed appropriately, indoor life can contribute to health problems such as obesity and diabetes, and problem behaviors such as house-soiling and attention seeking. Nutrition is the most pressing subject that cat owners want to discuss with the veterinarian, but the same survey, conducted at the end of summer, found that 60 percent of owners dont regularly take their cat to the veterinarian.

When Blindness Suddenly Strikes

If your usually confident cat starts acting confused, bumping into objects and having difficulty finding his food bowl, he could have a rare but serious condition. Sudden blindness can develop seemingly overnight and needs immediate veterinary intervention. Depending on the timing, an ophthalmologist may be able to preserve some vision. The condition has many causes, from central nervous system disease to inflammation; however, As a veterinary ophthalmologist, I would say the most common cause of sudden blindness that I see among cats who appeared otherwise normal prior to the vision loss is a condition called hypertensive retinopathy, says Eric C. Ledbetter, DVM, ACVO, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Cornell University Hospital for Animals.