Entertain the Indoor Cat

Cat lovers must surely agree that there is little as lovely to behold as a cat running freely outdoors. What is as graceful as a cat nimbly climbing a tree or darting after a butterfly?

Which Cat Is the Culprit?

What is your first thought when you come home from work to discover that something in your house has been damaged perhaps by one of your cats? You may wonder, "Who created this mess?"

Taking Kitty For a Sunday Drive

How many of us simply dread the thought of taking a car trip with our cats? First, we must be clever enough to catch the wily feline.

Fearful Cats and the Veterinary Visit

Our cats do have it made; we humans want only the best for our feline companions. Much to the chagrin of the average cat, this care is likely to include at least one thing that just doesnt seem particularly enjoyable.

Changing Behavior in the Aging Cat

Cognitive dysfunction can be as hard n us as it is on our beloved pets. Here's some help.

Mind of the Cat: 09/06

Sometimes, even though I am a veterinary behaviorist, I am asked about couples therapy. You are probably familiar with the situation. Two humans meet, marry - and then remember that their respective pets have not been formally introduced. Bad enough when this is cat-meet-cat. But cat-meet-dog can be quite a challenge. …

Mind of the Cat: 08/06

We try to believe that our cats are free from our idiosyncratic rituals. We like to think that our cats fit into our lives...

Mind of the Cat: 07/06

Most people who have lived with more than one cat at a time have witnessed a cat fight in one form or another. There...

Mind of the Cat: 06/06

We humans are often quite offended when our cats mark inside our houses. It is true that some marking behavior can have unpleasant consequences....

Mind of the Cat: 05/06

I recently received a letter from a concerned cat owner. Her dilemma is a common one: Her beloved eight-year-old cat bites her. This particular cat was adopted at three months of age from a lovely family and has known only gentle handling. The bites are hard - sometimes requiring medical attention - so the situation is very serious. And the owner is distraught, trying to determine where she could have gone wrong. …

Mind of the Cat: 04/06

Are my cats playing or are they fighting? Are there ways that I can tell? Simple enough, right? In fact, not really; these are...

Mind of the Cat: 03/06

I recently received a letter questioning why a cat would choose to eliminate on an Oriental carpet. If we cannot understand the exact reasons, well then, can we at least fix this problem? There are many potential reasons for a cat to eliminate on a carpet. As always, a medical diagnosis is needed. But once your cat receives a clean bill of health, one possibility to consider is marking behavior. Check for evidence of social…