Mind of the Cat: 08/04

Treating Feline Separation Anxiety

Mind of the Cat: 07/04

Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

Can Cats Really Be Trained?

Dr. Lindell discusses this ongoing debate and why some training has its advantages.

Anxiety and the Modern Cat

Dr. Lindell discusses how to cope with the behavioral changes of a stressed-out cat.

The Mind of Your Cat: 04/04

Question: I have a four-year-old pre-owned female cat, and have realized that I have enough love in my heart for a second cat. My cat...

The Mind of Your Cat: 03/04

Question: My cat is a 10-year-old indoor cat. She grooms herself regularly, and holds to a strict schedule. One could almost set the clock...

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Question: My cat is one-and-a-half years old and has always traveled with us between our two homes. One of these homes has waterbeds as...

The Mind of Your Cat: 01/04

Question: I am a veterinary technician at an all-cat clinic. We have a healthy kitten at our hospital that has been here since he...

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Question: Two years ago, I adopted a two-year-old neutered male cat. He gets along with my three female cats. He and my other neutered...

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Question: I have two sweet female cats - one Ive had for three years, the other for one year. Normally they get along pretty...

Short Takes: 10/03

The feeding of homeless cats; a novel way to analyze your cats meow

The Mind of Your Cat: 10/03

Question: I have a beautiful black cat that I adopted 12 years ago (he was about eight weeks old). I am his primary caregiver....