Mind of the Cat: 05/05

One of the questions my clients often ask is, Does my cat need drugs? Naturally, I inquire in turn, Whatever prompted you to ask? As it turns out, there is a vast assortment of responses. A major reason why people inquire about the use of medication is that they hope to find a drug that will cure their cats tendency to urinate or defecate outside the litter box. Other reasons include fighting among household cats,…

Mind of the Cat: 04/05

At least once each month, I am called to evaluate a cat that bites the hand that feeds him. Sometimes, even after a bite, people decide to excuse the behavior. Perhaps the cat was stepped on or startled. Maybe the kids tried to dress him up. Id have bitten too! some people may claim. …

Mind of the Cat: 03/05

Cats are capable of an amazing assortment of behaviors. Some behaviors that are normal for cats are socially unacceptable to humans. A particularly common but universally unacceptable behavior is elimination outside the litter box. When a cat soils in places other than his box, it is time to call the veterinarian. Once the cat is determined to be healthy and all reasonable medical explanations have been ruled out, it is time to consider other factors. …

Mind of the Cat: 02/05

Is Muffy Too Mischevious For Your Taste?

Mind of the Cat: 01/05

Very often, I am asked to consult with a family whose mature, middle aged cats suddenly stop getting along. Typically, the cats had gotten along splendidly. In fact, they are often siblings that have been together for years. Then, chaos suddenly erupts. One cat chases the other in a frenzied manner. The two are often separated for a few hours for safety. In many cases, the moment the cats are reintroduced, another chase ensues. In some…

Mind of the Cat: 12/04

My cat just talks and talks and talks. Imagine that. Why would a cat have so much to say? And what is she saying, anyway? Cats do have a large vocabulary. We have done our best to interpret the meaning behind the words, so to speak. But we have a long way to go. We have all heard the conversational meow, the plaintive howl and the perky chirp. And often, perhaps out of courtesy, we talk…

Mind of the Cat: 11/04

Nearly every week, I hear a cat lover lament, I think my cat is lonely. Should I get her a pal? Well, I would have to say that there is simply no simple answer to that question, except to say that it depends! It certainly makes sense that a cat would naturally want to spend time with its own kind. When cats live on their own, without steady access to humans, they routinely form social groups.…

Mind of the Cat: 10/04

In last months column, some of the benefits of leash training a cat were explored. These included offering a cat a safe opportunity to...

Mind of the Cat: 09/04

Dr. Lindell explains the reasons why it can be beneficial to leash-train your cat.

Mind of the Cat: 08/04

Treating Feline Separation Anxiety

Mind of the Cat: 07/04

Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety?

Can Cats Really Be Trained?

Dr. Lindell discusses this ongoing debate and why some training has its advantages.