10 Great Toys For You and Your Cat

Playing with your cat every day is important, a fact that most CatWatch readers know and agree with. Daily play helps strengthen the bond you have with each other and can help your cat stay physically fit. Remember that play to a cat involves chasing and biting. So make sure there are no sharp, pointy parts that could poke an eye or mouth and make sure there are no loose parts that could be swallowed, says James Richards, DVM, director of the Cornell Feline Health Center. The following are 10 of the best and newest toys for your cat.

Fly Toys – Wand toys with real fly-fishing lures (minus the hook) attached at the end of a long plastic string. Cats love to chase the variety of multicolored and textured flies. Comes in three sizes. Available at http://www.metpet.com/ or by calling
800-966-1819. Prices $5.99 to $12.99.

Kitten Kwicken – This thin long wire has a small piece of moth-like felt at the end. When you twirl the handle end of the wire, the moth flutters about realistically for your cat to chase. Available at http://www.kwicken.com/ or by sending $5.00 to Kitten Kwicken P.O. Box 4307, Bellingham, WA 98227.

Streamers on a Wire – A handle is attached to a long thick wire with a cluster of colorful streamers at the end. Perfect for cats to chase when you wave it though the air. Available at http://www.metpet.com/ or by calling 800-966-1819. Price $5.99.

Rave Cat Toys – Small stuffed animals are filled with a time-release lure made from the highest quality, scientifically tested catnip, accord-ing to the manufacturer. Available at Petco stores nationwide or by calling 877-738-6742. Each animal is $4.99.

Looney Loops – Three-to-a-pack small plastic coils for cats to roll, flip, bat, and chase across the floor. Available at http://www.petsmart.com/ or by calling (888) 839-9638. Price: $2.99.

Talk To Me TreatBall – Fill this five-inch ball with dry treats or food. When your cat rolls the ball, a few treats are released and an audio message (that you record through a built-in recording device) is played. Available at http://www.petsmart.com/ or by calling (888) 839-9638. Price: $14.99.

Lazer Mouse – Small plastic mouse attached to a key chain. When you push a button, a red laser beam projects a small red dot for your cat to chase. Available at http://www.tailsbythebay.com/ or by calling 877-464-3364. Price: $16.00. Safety concern: Never shine laser in your cats (or any other beings) eyes.

Pet Squiggle Ball – Five-inch ball is battery-motorized with a small mouse attached by a plastic string. When you switch the ball on, it automatically rolls around and pulls the small mouse for your cat to chase. Price: $9.95. Available at http://www.cattoys.com/ or by calling 877-364-8697. Safety concern: Never let your cat play unsupervised with this toy to ensure she does not get tangled in string.

Boogie Mat – This colorful, padded 13 by 16 1/2 refillable catnip mat has a zippered side for putting in the Zoom Catnip, which is included. Perfect for cats to sniff, roll, rub, and play on. Available at http://www.drugstore.com/ or by calling 800-378-4786. Price: $10.99.

Screeching Mouse with Fur – Small mouse has a microchip-powered speaker inside. Whenever the mouse is moved, it screeches and invites the cat to play. Available at pet stores nationwide. Price: $7.00.