5 Things to Know About Cat Fights

Lets keep everyone safe

cat fights


1. Never reach in to try to separate the angry cats. Chances are you’ll get scratched or bitten, and the cats will just keep on fighting.

2. Watch the posture of both cats to be aware of bullying, such as one cat pushing another away from a food bowl.

3. Be aware that kittens learn to hunt prey by playing rough with one another. But if you notice that one kitten appears to be trying to get away, you may need to intervene.

4. Sometimes a loud noise, like a clanging pot or very loud stomp on the floor, will break the cats up. If not, you can try to wedge a rigid flat object, like a baking sheet or board, between them. If you have the opportunity, dropping an empty cardboard box over one of them can work, or splashing a cup of water over them.

5. Regardless of which cat did what, both fighters need to be thoroughly examined for cuts, scratches, and even bruises or broken bones.