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Five Reasons Cats Are Natural Carnivores

These points come to us from the Baker Institute of Health at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Neurologic Symptoms Need Immediate Veterinary Care

When your cat develops a problem that might be neurologic, get her right to your veterinarian. Theres no time to waste.

5 Things to Know About Cat Fights

Never reach in to try to separate the angry cats. Chances are youll get scratched or bitten, and the cats will just keep on fighting.

Short Takes: January 2018

When New Years Eve arrives, many of us make promises to ourselves-those infamous resolutions-to improve ourselves somehow. Thats because the new year is a traditional starting point, and were happy and motivated. Popular resolutions include losing weight, quitting smoking, and getting the most out of life. Inevitably, however, most of us fail. The reason? Unrealistic goals. Well, were here to help fix that! Spending more time with your cat and improving her life is realistic and satisfying, so weve put together five New Years Resolutions. Are you with us?

Traveling With Your Cat

Some of us leave our pets at home when we travel, but if your cat is coming along on a trip, you need to prepare for her as well. You must have:

Teach Your Cat to Like Her Carrier

Cat carriers are the safest way to transport your cat, be it to a veterinary appointment or to visit family for the holidays. They keep your cat secure, so that she cant get into trouble in an unfamiliar environment or be harmed in any way. In the case of a car crash, being in a carrier could save your cats life. But there is one challenge to this wonderful tool: getting your cat inside it.

Feline-Friendly Dogs

A study published in the January 2017 Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science may help you determine if a dog you want to adopt will get along with your cat.

Lost Cats and How to Find Them

Lost cats leave behind heartbroken families. And, if theyre not found, they contribute significantly to the homeless, feral, shelter, and community cat populations. Unfortunately, its an all-too-common situation. At least a third of all cats get lost at some point in their lives, says Pam Stonebraker, associate executive director and humane education coordinator at the Tompkins County, N.Y., SPCA.

Lilies are Dangerous — Indoor Cats are Especially Vulnerable

Q Is it OK that we planted lilies in our garden? A friend of mine said we’re poisoning the neighborhood cats. I certainly don’t want to do that! I’ve had cats all my life and never heard of a cat poisoned by eating a lily. We’ve even had lily plants inside. My cat stays strictly indoors so I’m not worried about her in our garden, but I do see our neighbors’ cats out and about.…

How to Handle a Finicky Eater

Some cats are just naturally picky and like to have variety in their diet, but changes in eating habits can also be a sign of stress or major illness.

Kidney Failure is a Progressive Disease

Kidney failure is a leading cause of death in domestic cats.


The Morris Animal Foundation recently wrote that a cat’s best defense against cancer may be snuggling with her owner.