Extroverted, Curious, and Playful, This Cats Disposition Makes It a Real Charmer

If you want a true feline companion – who will watch you cook, try to type with you at your PC keyboard, and follow you most everywhere – then the Singapura may be the cat youve been searching for. At first glance, you may think this cat is an Abyssinian. But the Singapura has its own distinctive markings and behaviors.
Singapura is the Malaysian word for Singapore. These active cats originate in the streets of Singapore where they survived inside the citys drain pipes. The breed was brought into the United States in the early 1970s.

What makes the Singapura so special and so desired? In a word: personality. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., the Singapuras disposition is that of a pesky people cat, an extroverted, curious, playful but nondestructive cat that insists on helping you with everything.

Singapuras genuinely seem to need their people. The desire for closeness with their humans is a constant characteristic regardless of how it was bred.

According to Paul Kelly, a breeder with the Kucinta Cattery in Portland, Oregon, its important that owners be very interactive with their Singapura. Singapuras love to sit on your lap (especially during dinnertime) or on your shoulder. They insist on being nearby.

So, if you want a cat that is more of a loner and stays out of your way, then dont consider owning a Singapura, recommends the Cat Fanciers Association.

Even as they age, Singapura cats retain these endearing qualities. Although they love to play, Singapuras seem very sensitive to their human companions moods. If you are feeling down or ill, dont be surprised if your Singapura pal crawls under the blankets with you.

Easy Care
General grooming can be kept to a minimum, although it is recommended to comb the coat thoroughly periodically. Running a chamois leather gently over the coat will also help to keep it shiny and silky.

Because of their social nature and small stature, they make great pets for older people, says Kelly. They are much more manageable than other breeds.

And as Singapuras are short-haired, grooming can be kept to a minimum.

Other wonderful qualities
Singapuras rarely fight among themselves, according to breeders, so feel free to have more than one Singapura in your home. In fact, breeder Paul Kelly insists on a Singapura kitten being adopted into a home with other pets, especially young cats. Loneliness can make Singapuras very neurotic, he says.

Singapuras mature relatively slowly. If you want to adopt a Singapura kitten, a breeder will usually make kittens available between 12 and 16 weeks of age. After 12 weeks, the kittens have received their basic inoculations and have developed – physically and socially – to start life in a new environment with human companions.