Multiple Organs Can Be Affected

Symptoms of lymphoma vary, depending upon the part of the body affected. In some cats, the disease is multi-centric, meaning that multiple organs are affected. This type of cancer tends to strike middle-aged and older cats who are usually not infected with FeLV. In cases of more localized lymphomas, the affected sites and their symptoms include:

– The digestive tract: loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting and diarrhea. Like those with several organs affected, this form strikes middle-aged and older cats, usually those not infected with FeLV.

– Lymph nodes in the chest: difficult or rapid breathing. Those affected: younger cats, often those afflicted with FeLV.

– Kidney: loss of appetite, depression and increased thirst and urination. Those affected: middle-aged cats, some of whom might have FeLV.

– Spine: hind-limb weakness and paralysis. Those affected: younger and middle-aged cats, often those afflicted with FeLV.

– Nasal: discharge, nose bleeds, facial swelling and sneezing.

– Those affected: middle-aged and older cats, often clear of FeLV.