Three Common Myths About Spay and Neuter

Some reasons to avoid spaying or neutering pets are based on misinformation, including:

1. There is a shortage of purebreds. One in every four pets surrendered to animal shelters in this country is a purebred, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

2. Cats will become fat and lazy if sterilized. The real reasons indoor cats become overweight are their owners’ failure to feed them proper food portions and provide regular exercise.

3. It is expensive to spay or neuter a pet. Low-cost spay and neuter services are offered around the country, and many veterinary clinics provide subsidized voucher programs for low-income individuals. “It is cheaper to spay and neuter your pet than to take care of the unwanted kittens or treat the injuries from toms fighting for females,” says S.H. Cheong, DVM, Ph.D., a reproduction specialist at Cornell.