February 2008 Issue

Making a Move?

Here's help relocating with pets in tow.

Moving day can be a miserable, hectic blur — one of those times you’d like to be able to just twitch your nose and be done with it. Unfortunately, it just isn't that easy. And cat owners have the added stress of worrying about how their cat(s) will react to the disorder and mayhem. However, there are several precautions that can be taken to help ensure that your pet will remain safe during the move and to promote a quick adjustment to his new home. Losing your cat on moving day is something to be avoided at all costs. Julia Albright, DVM, a resident in animal behavior at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, explains, "Dealing with a lost pet on such a busy day is a nightmare. Pets are notorious for sneaking out on moving day; confining the cat to a bedroom or bathroom with a note on the door is a great idea." Make sure that the cat has food, water, litter and is comfortable — and then close the door and put a highly visible note on it, spelling out in no uncertain terms that the door must remain closed. Not only will this reduce the cat’s anxiety at seeing everything familiar removed from the home, but it will also help ensure that the cat does not dart out an open door. When it comes time to transfer the cat, crate her while she’s in the confinement area and double-check the latch before opening the door.

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