Anxiety and the Modern Cat

Dr. Lindell discusses how to cope with the behavioral changes of a stressed-out cat.

The Mind of Your Cat: 04/04

Question: I have a four-year-old pre-owned female cat, and have realized that I have enough love in my heart for a second cat. My cat...

What Is She Trying to Say?

Your cats vocalizations contain many meanings. Here are some clues to cat-speak.

Bad Cat!

Some problems require a behavior specialist.

The Mind of Your Cat: 12/03

Question: I have two sweet female cats - one Ive had for three years, the other for one year. Normally they get along pretty...

The Mind of Your Cat: 11/03

Question: Two years ago, I adopted a two-year-old neutered male cat. He gets along with my three female cats. He and my other neutered...

Calicivirus and Your Cat

Kittens and cats living in crowded conditions are most at risk for this feline virus.

Make the Most of the New Year

Resolutions can help improve your cats health and behavior. Heres how.

Helping the Feline Outsider

In a multicat household, sometimes one cat is an outcast. Heres how to cope.

Ready to Succeed

Starting Your Kitten Off on the Right Paw

How to Stop Your Cats Spraying

A Guide to Feline Toilet Talk

The Mind of Your Cat: 03/02

Question: I live in a rural area. My cats have access to the outdoors through cat flaps. Recently, my 14-year-old cat died. I am...