Dear Diary: Keep Records of Your Cat

We explain why its important to keep track of certain details to help your cats health and behavior.

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Friends for Life

Sue Lee, 45, from Wolverhamton, England, is pretty much homebound due to a variety of disabling conditions: severe osteoarthritis, insulin-dependent diabetes and peripheral neuropathy...

I Crave Attention!

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Mind of the Cat: 08/04

Treating Feline Separation Anxiety

Choose a Suitable Cat for a Senior

Sharing feline companionship can make a big difference in the qualify of life of the elderly.

The Prey Drive

Can you live with a cat and small animals? Yes, with caution.

Anxiety and the Modern Cat

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The More the Merrier?

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What Is She Trying to Say?

Your cats vocalizations contain many meanings. Here are some clues to cat-speak.

The Mind of Your Cat: 04/04

Question: I have a four-year-old pre-owned female cat, and have realized that I have enough love in my heart for a second cat. My cat...