Most Expensive Cats is a leading source for Internet-savvy millennials searching for information on the topics they love. With a pretty obvious focus on money, the website recently listed the 10 most expensive cats:

Assemble a Simple First-Aid Kit

A cat lover should be prepared for any minor first aid that her cat may need over her lifetime. Special items may need to be customized for your individual cat (such as extras of any medications she is on), but a basic first aid kit can be started with just 10 items.

Happening Now…

The TV show Americas Got Talent included a mind-boggling cat act, with some amazing tricks by very happy cats. You can seee it here at:

Cats Are Resistant to Lyme Disease

Recently, my dog was diagnosed with Lyme disease. When I asked my vet about checking my cats, he said that cats did not get Lyme because of how they groom themselves. I have read several accounts of pet parents looking for help because their cat contracted Lyme. Can you please clear up this quandary and list symptoms?

Chirps and Chatters

Does your cat make noises that sound nothing like a traditional meow? Shes not the only one! While purrs, hisses, and, of course, the famous meow are the best-known cat sounds, cats have a wide repertoire of noises they use to communicate with other cats and us.

When Hospice Is Needed

Everyone hopes the day will never come, but at some point, you may notice that your cat is approaching the end of her life. When this happens, your goal becomes to keep her comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

Caring for Your Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats know how to have fun and love interacting with their people. Some owners say theyre mischievous and noisier than the average cat. But theyre not really completely hairless.

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Happening Now…

The Durham County (N.C.) News reports that veterinarian Sabrina Grinstead donated a dozen $125 pet oxygen masks to the Durham Fire Department. “I’ve been looking for a way to contribute . . . and I came across the need for the masks,” Dr. Grinstead says.

Grieving Is a Natural Process

We recently lost our dear 22-year-old cat after a prolonged illness, and her absence has left a void in our lives that has been difficult. While we are considering bringing another cat into our home, the guilt associated with trying to replace her has caused us hesitation. Im not sure how you can help, but we thought others may be experiencing the same dilemma.

Happening now…

Lucky Stowaway - The Prince George Citizen in Prince George, B.C., reports that the SPCA North Cariboo District Branch is caring for a severely emaciated stowaway cat who arrived in April from China.

Diarrhea: Worry or Wait?

Diarrhea is no fun for anyone, especially if the cat doesnt make it to the litterbox or gets some of it on her fur. The good news is that occasional diarrhea is rarely an emergency and often resolves on its own