Changing Your Cat’s Diet

If switching your cats food is warranted, be sure to do it gradually. For any number of reasons, you may feel that your cat could do well with a change in diet. If thats the case, contact your cats veterinarian for advice. Find out if switching foods is indeed necessary and will truly benefit your animals overall health. If your veterinarian recommends a diet change, you should make the switch gradually so that the cats digestive system can properly adjust to the new food. "Its good to offer your cat a bit of variety within each meal," says Ilona Rodan, DVM, director of the Cat Care Clinic in Madison, WI. "You can accomplish that by mixing two foods that have different shapes and sizes, or by blending canned and dry food. That will help prevent the animal from becoming fixated on one specific type of food, which is important in case a diet change is needed for medical reasons later in the animals life." Otherwise, Dr. Rodan says, cats dont really need more variety than that, and change merely for the sake of change is unnecessary.

Megacolon and Diet

A very clean litter box can be useful in prevention. But once diagnosed, your cat will likely need a specific dietary regimen.

A Diet to Help FLUTD

Feline lower urinary tract disease is a serious condition. Your cats veterinarian can recommend food to manage it best.

Essential Fatty Acids

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The Facts on Fiber

Certain conditions do require extra fiber - but a well-balanced diet is enough for most cats.