How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

The amount and frequency of meals depends on your cats age, health and preference.

The Catkins Diet for Overweight Cats

Limiting carbohydrates may help - but reducing caloric intake is more important.

A Feline Hunger Strike

Take this potentially life-threatening problem seriously.

Ways to Entice the Finicky Feline

You supply a healthy, well-balanced diet for your cat - so what to do when she turns up her nose?

Short Takes: 08/03

Human Help for Dieting FelinesA feeding study underway at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is testing possible new prescription diets for obese...

Ask Dr. Richards: 02/02

Question: My newest cat has gained an alarming amount of weight. She is almost a year old and weighs approximately 12 pounds - a...

In Health and Sickness

Following Dietary Guidelines Will Keep Your Kitty Happy and Healthy

Canned Food

Price Aside, Choose a Chow Thats Complete and Balanced According to AAFCO Standards

The Skinny on Fat Cats

Exercise and Proper Diet Keep the Pounds in Bounds

The Facts on Fiber

Certain conditions do require extra fiber - but a well-balanced diet is enough for most cats.