Techniques and Treatments From Stem Cell Therapy to Massage

These are among the treatments that veterinarians increasingly use to improve cats well-being:

– Acupuncture: Stimulating certain points on the body using needles, heat, pressure or laser light. Studies show it can be effective for chronic pain.

– Massage: Rubbing and kneading muscles and joints to relieve pain and relax contracted muscles.

– Stem cell therapy: Isolating stem cells from a cats fat tissue and injecting them or delivering them intravenously to promote healing, reduce pain and inflammation, and replace or repair damaged tissue, cartilage or bone.

– Therapeutic exercises: Stepping over cavaletti (jump) poles, walking up or down steps or standing on wobbler boards helps improve the perception of movement and spatial orientation, coordination and strength.

– Therapeutic ultrasound: High-frequency sound waves stimulating tissue increase blood flow, reduce swelling and gently massage muscles, tendons and ligaments. They can help speed healing, reduce pain and relieve tight muscles and tissues.

– Thermal therapy: Applying heat to relax tight muscles or ice to reduce inflammation.

– Treadmill: Walking on one may help animals regain cardiopulmonary fitness or improve muscle strength.

– Underwater treadmill: Resistance generated by walking in the water increases muscle strength and helps patients with neurological deficiencies move with ease. Treadmill speed, water level and use of jets can be adjusted to provide an appropriate level of difficulty for each animal.