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How to Bathe Your Cat

Have a plan in case you ever need to clean up Kitty.

Fleas : A Source of Torment for Your Cat

The recipe for relief? Get those freeloaders off your animal and out of your home!

Honey, Can You Call the Sitter?

Dont give this important job to just anybody. Heres what to look for in a reliable pet sitter.

A Hairy Dilemma

Hairballs are usually harmless - but not always. Heres when theyre hazardous.

Grooming Made Easier

We share gentle tips to make even the most resistant cat a little more cooperative.

The Mind of Your Cat: 02/04

Question: My cat is one-and-a-half years old and has always traveled with us between our two homes. One of these homes has waterbeds as...

The Mind of Your Cat: 11/03

Question: Two years ago, I adopted a two-year-old neutered male cat. He gets along with my three female cats. He and my other neutered...

Short Takes: 12/03

The risk of over-the-counter medications; some relief for flea allergies

Let Your Cat Choose

Avoid problems by supplying the litter and box she likes best.

While Youre Away

Your well-deserved vacation will be more enjoyable if you dont have to worry about your cats.

The Mind of Your Cat: 07/03

Question: My six-year-old neutered male cat will no longer urinate in his litter box. The behavior began when we moved to our new house...

Solving Litter Box Problems

The Solution is Usually Simple